How Upducts works

how upducts work

Making “Whole House” cooling possible with upducts plus evaporation cooling

Upducts are relatively inexpensive and simple to install.  You place them in the ceilings of your home. They circulate trapped excess air into the attic. This air brings down the temperature of your attic. The process equalizes the temperature of your whole home. Upducts reduces the load on your evaporative cooling system to keep the home cool. 51Nf3w0jRWL

Everyone knows that heat rises. Imagine being up under an electric blanket in the winter time. Remember how warm, they get. Well, fast forward to your attic in your home or business when its 100 degrees outside. Thanks to our good friend the sun heating the ground around your home and especially your roof, that attic is transformedinto a very large heating element. Now when you turn your AC on it has to doten times the work to cool the house down if that’s even possible and by the time it gets your house cool your electric bill has skyrocketed. Introducing the upduct.

Add upducts to an evaporative Cooling unit from Supplies Unlimited Network.  This works efficiently to maintains indoor air quality and cool your whole home or business from top to bottom.

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