Easy Seal Upduct 12″


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“NEW” Easy Seal UpDuct 12″


  • Introductory Factory Direct Pricing just $59.99 each FREE Shipping
  • Easy Seal center threaded shaft makes Winter closing Easy
  • Save labor install cost to Increase Your Profits

Air Control Up-Duct for Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler) This is the most efficient way to exhaust hot air from your ceiling into the attic. This cools the attic reducing the heat load on the entire house. This makes your swamp cooler more effective at cooling your house. Makes adjusting temperature in each room easy. Simply adjust air flow at each up duct.equals, “Zone Control” Easy Installation No climbing in the attic. Installs in as little as, 7 minutes without climbing into the attic. Super Quite with Adjustable Air Flow. Can be easily spun closed, opened or adjusted by spinning center the cone. This 12 inch Up Duct is designed at 12 inches tall to extend above most insulation.

If space prohibits this height the diffuser is easily removed in order to trim for custom applications.



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